(*Extended) 2023 POSCO Asia Fellowship (PAF) Recruitment Announcement

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※ 2023 POSCO Asia Fellowship(PAF) recruitment period has been extended as follows.


 (9.5. ~ 9.19.) → (9.5. ~ 9.30.) 



2023 POSCO Asia Fellowship (PAF)  Recruitment Announcement


POSCO TJ Park Foundation operates 「POSCO Asia Fellowship(PAF)」program to support young prospective intellectuals to grow as global leaders through master’s or Doctoral courses in Korea.

We are looking for promising Asian students who will lead the 21st century with POSCO


1. Eligibility

   •  Asians that earned bachelor’s degree who have the potential to grow as a leader in their

      respective country

   • Students seeking enrollment in Korean graduate school in Spring semester of 2023 and willing

     to study in Fall semester of 2023  

   • Students who hold Asian citizenship (who hold the citizenship of non-Asian countries

     or Korea are excluded)


2. Benefits

  •    • Master’s: Tuition and living expenses for 4 semesters
  •    • Doctoral & Integrated Ph.D.: Tuition and living expenses for 6 semesters
  •    • National health insurance expenses, settlement expenses, online Korean classes and grant, etc.
  •    • POSCO Seminar, Korean cultural experiences, etc.


3. How to apply

   ① Access the website during application period and submit application and evidential documents

     via Online

   ② Downloads the attached application form

   ③ Fill out the application form

   ④ Click the "online apply"

   ⑤ Apply through online and attached the completed application form  



Documents to submit:

  •    ① Application and Statement of Purpose          
  •    ② Recommendation Letter
  •    ③ Certificate of Enrollment/Graduate/Employment
  •    ④ Transcript
  •    ⑤ Proof of Citizenship Document
  •    ⑥ Certificate of language proficiency (*optional)


4. Schedule

   • Application submission: September 5th ~ 30th (UTC+9) 23:59, 2022

      *Based on Korean time

   • Interview: January 2023  

   • Result announcement: January 2023  

    *The NEXT fellowship for 2024 students will open at May 2023.



Selection procedure

  - Needs to apply your desire universities yourself separately

  - If you couldn’t submit the COA (Certificate of Admission) before your semester started,

     your fellowship could be canceled.

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