Scholarship for Asian Universities


A foundation for all POSCO Asia Fellowships Programs to build upon

The fellowships for students at outstanding universities in Asia are designed to provide scholarships to excellent students who are studying at Asian universities chat hold cooperative relationships with the Foundation

Based on collaborations with prestigious universities, this program plays a significant. role by acting as a foundation for a variety of other Asia Fellowship programs pursued by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation to build upon.

In Asia, there are cultural similarities between many countries, whereas their individual features are also clearly distinguishable. Therefore, in order to form a regional network that allows for exchange and communication while also respecting existing diversities, collaborations with the university system, the center of scholarship, will be essential.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation takes pride in the fact that it initiated the first private-sector scholarship project in the region that focuses on the Asian region as a whole when selecting and supporting excellent young students. Through this program, the Foundation hopes to introduce its POSCO Asia Fellowship programs to as much of Asia as possible, and create opportunities for greater cooperation between Asian countries.

The Purpose of Scholarship for Asian Excellent Universities

Known for its strong growth potential, Asia has shown a rapid development in recent years. that still surprises the world.
Korea's industrial leaders have also been vigorously expanding their global capacities by entering into Asia's emerging markets_ In these the need for exchange and cooperation between Asian countries is greater than aver before.

In an effort to respond to this need the POSCO TJ Park Foundation has established cooperative relationships with outstanding universities throughout Asia. The Foundation supports many excellent students from these universities by granting them scholarships.
It is the Foundation's hope that, through these scholarships, students will ha better able to grow into the future leaders of their countries and contribute to the mutual development of all Asian nations.

Nwtworking with Asian Universities

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