POSCO Asia Fellowships

Based on the idea that stronger mutual interests between individuals leads to stronger mutual interests between nations and contributes to world peace and mutual prosperity, many leading foundations in advanced countries such as the U.S. and Japan have long operated global fellowship programs, with the goal of mutual understanding through people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between countries.

To carry out corporate social responsibility commensurate with the global status of POSCO, the POSCO TJ Park Foundation is running fellowhip programs targeting the Asian region, which is the main sphere of Korea and POSCO as well as one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

With the POSCO Asia Fellowship , the foundation aims to promote exchanges and cooperation of young talents in scholarship, academic, and cultural fields, improving mutual understanding of Asia, and increasing the understanding of Korea and the intimacy with the country.

In this way, the foundation strives to create human networks in the Asian region that have favorable views on Korea.

ASIA Network