• Science Prize 2020

    Director Song-You Hong, Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems
    Dr. Song-You Hong is a world-class atmospheric modeling expert who has been serving as the director of KIAPS since 2014, and made a great contribution in bringing Korea to no. 5 country in atmospheric prediction by leading the independent development of ‘numerical weather prediction model’ that is optimized for Korea’s climatic environment.
    Director Song-You Hong, Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems
  • Education Prize 2020

    Don Bosco Vocational School
    Don Bosco Vocational School was established in 1965 by Korea Salesian Order, and has been training skilled professionals in machining and assembly through top specialized training for over 3000 young adults that stopped pursuing education due to hardships of life for the last 55 years.
    Don Bosco Vocational School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2020

    President Ran Joo Lee, Asiasory
    President Ran Joo Lee of Asiasory has been continuing to participate in improving the inhumane treatments that migrants have been experiencing in Korea, starting with Bucheon Migrant Worker’s House in 1995 and Asiasory in 2004.
    President Ran Joo Lee, Asiasory
  • Technology Prize 2020

    CEO Yeom Heo, Silicon Mitus
    CEO Yeom Heo of Silicon Mitus is Korea’s first semiconductor expert that developed PMIC in 2007 for the first time in Korea and secured world-class semiconductor technology.
    CEO Yeom Heo, Silicon Mitus
  • Science Prize 2019

    Chun, Jeong-hee
    Prof. Chun, Jeong-hee has decrypted the multiple linear function, the biggest challenge in the field of cryptology, for the first time in the world; developed 'HeaAn', a homomorphic encryption software program that can calculate real numbers without decryption in encrypted state; and suggested a new paradigm of security in the age of the 4th industrial revolution, being acknowledged to be an authority in the field of cryptology.
    Chun, Jeong-hee
  • Education Prize 2019

    Yeomyeong School
    Yeomyeong School is the first alternative school (graduates are qualified as high school graduates), which was established in 2004 with the private initiative for the young people from North Korea who have rapidly joined our society since the early 2000s due to North Korea's economic difficulties.
    Foshan High School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2019

    Angkor Hospital for Children
    Since its establishment in 1999, Angkor Hospital for Children, a non-profit medical institution, has been contributing greatly to the improvement of healthcare services in Cambodia through the improvement of pediatric medical care and hygiene prevention education for underprivileged children in Angkor, one of the most underdeveloped areas in Cambodia.
    Angkor Hospital for Children
  • Technology Prize 2019

    Lim, Tae-won
    Lim, Tae-won, Director of Future Innovation Technology Center, Hyundai Motor Company, is the best expert in hydrogen fuel cell industry, who has led the development of core technologies, from the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to the success of the world’s first mass production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2013.
    Lim, Tae-won
  • Science Prize 2018

    Son Young-Woo
    Prof. Son Young-Woo has acquired his fame for his contribution to understanding physical properties of carbon nanostructures, especially his theoretical works on electronic, magnetic and optical properties of graphene and its nanostructures.
    Lee Jong-heun
  • Education Prize 2018

    Posan High School
    Posan High School is a small school with nine classes located on the outskirts of Daegu. Its study body is declining due to rural exodus and a poor educational environment and it has been hit by the school closure crisis.
    Kyungpook National University’s Attached Middle School, Daegu, Gyeongbuk
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2018

    Won Ju-hee
    Prior to 1993, the concept of a hospice was unknown in Korea, but that year Won Ju-hee initiated the country’s first independent hospice facility program, which has now served 10,000 terminal cancer patients over 24 years to promote a well-dying culture.
    Jimmy Pham
  • Technology Prize 2018

    Hwang-Cheol-ju, CEO of Juseong Engineering, is a 1st-generation Korean venture leader who has overcome high technological barriers overseas and globalized the Korean equipment industry through research into creative technology and innovative equipment.
    Kim Myung-hwan
  • Science Prize 2017

    Lee Jong-heun Professor, Department of Materials Science anad Engineering, Korea University
    A world-renowned scholar in the field of oxide semiconductor gas sensors that detects various gases instead of human olfactory sense.
    Lee Jong-heun
  • Education Prize 2017

    Kyungpook National University’s Attached Middle School, Daegu, Gyeongbuk
    Founded in 1946. This school is a traditional school with more than 60 years of history, so it is widely known that this school has difficulty in operating creative educational programs. However, since 2012, this school is in the second stage of further development based on the student-centered education that invokes the joy in learning.
    Kyungpook National University’s Attached Middle School, Daegu, Gyeongbuk
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2017

    Jimmy Pham CEO of KOTO, Vietnam
    Operating KOTO (Know One Teach One), which is the first social enterprise in Vietnam, for 17 years, helping Vietnamese youths who are stranded with poverty to develop their new lives.
    Jimmy Pham
  • Technology Prize 2017

    Kim Myung-hwan Head of Battery Research Institute of LG Chem
    Developed lithium-ion batteries and succeeded in mass-producing them for the first time in Korea, contributing greatly to the growth of Korea as a world’s best secondary battery producing country.
    Kim Myung-hwan
  • Science Prize 2016

    Cho Yoon-jeaLife sciences professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology
    A structural biologist who has greatly contributed to understanding the secret of the four phases of life and the generation of cancer, revealed the structure of a protein complex that suppresses cancer and other tumors and investigated the genetic healing process to suggest the possibility of new anti-cancer drugs
    Cho Yoon-jea
  • Education Prize 2016

    Kumoh Technical High School
    Founded in 1973 as the biggest cutting-edge technical high school in the east, it has been a source of industrial development for 43 years and graduated about 15,000 students in the fields of mechanical and precision industry, a model solution to educated unemployment.
    Kumoh Technical High School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2016

    Raphael Clinic, South Korea
    Spreading love and sharing throughout the world with medical training and support for underdeveloped countries as a medical volunteer group providing free treatment for migrant workers in Korea along with relief activities for 18 years.
    Raphael Clinic, South Korea
  • Science Prize 2015

    Bae-ho ParkProfessor of Seoul National University (Physics)
    A young physicist world-renowned in the areas of condensed matter physics and nanoscience. Using the atomic force microscopy (AFM) friction mapping, Professor Park discovered the domain in graphene with a significantly different friction force (friction anisotropy-driven domain).
    Bae-ho Park
  • Education Prize 2015

    Handong Global University
    Since its foundation in 1995, Handong Global University has made efforts to nurture global talents who meet the needs of the times through its humanistic education based on honesty and community service. With its user-centered education and intensive education for the small number of selected students, the university has overcome the limitations of a small-scale local university and emerged as a successful model of a specialized university focusing on pragmatic education.
    Handong Global University
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2015

    Bina Swadaya Foundation, Indonesia
    Since 1967, it has contributed to developing local communities and eradicating poverty to raise the social and economic standards of farmers. At present, Bina Swadaya has 14 social corporations with about 800 staff working for the eradication of poverty and the establishment of a foundation for the self-reliance of farmers.
    Bina Swadaya Foundation
  • Science Prize 2014

    Bum-sig Kim Professor of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (School of Mathematics)
    A globally known mathematician who is leading the research on holomorphic symplectic geometry (mathematics) and mirror symmetry, a convergence study of the superstring theory (physics)
    Bum-sig Kim
  • Education Prize 2014

    Canaan Farmers School
    Under the education ideals of work, service, and sacrifice, the Canaan Farmers School has provided education for proper values and views of lives and jobs for 50 years, suggesting and practicing a Korean model of adult education.
    Canaan Farmers School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2014

    Rainbow Community Social welfare foundation
    The Rainbow Community created the 0Group-home, which is a family-type education facility for intellectually disabled persons for the first time in Korea. It has made efforts to expand such facilities to all corners of the country and helped the intellectually disabled not to be alienated from society but to live with neighbours.
    Rainbow Community
  • Science Prize 2013

    EUNJOON KIM Chair-professor of KAIST (Biological Science)
    Professor Eunjoon Kim is a leading expert in brain science, investigated the principle of synapse formation of cerebral nerves, and is leading the research on the relationship between synapse proteins and cerebral nerve diseases.
    Eun-jun Kim
  • Education Prize 2013

    Byeong-hun Yoon Founding Principal of Yangeob High School
    He presents a differentiated education of `Love and Care, Communication and Patience, Autonomy and Responsibility.
    Byeong-hun Yoon
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2013

    Yeong-nam Seo CEO of Mindlele Noodle House
    He established a virtuous cycle of independence for the homeless by running Mindlele Noodle House as a free soup kitchen offering free meals.
    Yeong-nam Seo
  • Science Prize 2012

    Jin-Woo Cheon Underwood Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Yonsei University
    Professor Jin-Woo Cheon is a world leading authority on synthetic nanochemistry. He has pioneered and established nano-medicine, an interdisciplinary convergence area, by combining the fields of nanoscience and medicine for the first time in Korea.
    Jin-Woo Cheon
  • Education Prize 2012

    Jong-Moon Kwag Principal of Hangyoere Middle and High School
    Jong-Moon Kwag, principal of Hangyoere Middle and High School, has presented a new paradigm of education in orea throughout his life-time endeavors to afford underprivileged youths education that promotes their creativity and upright character through night schools and alternative education programs. He is also n educator who takes the initiative in helping young North Korean defectors adapt to life in the South and giving them new hope.
    Jong-Moon Kwag
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2012

    Somaly Mam Founder of AFESIP, Cambodia
    Women in Distressing Situations), a Cambodian non-governmental organization dedicated to rescuing women and children ensnared in sexual slavery through human trafficking.
    Somaly Mam
  • Science Prize 2011

    Sang Yup Lee Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at KAIST
    He has made remarkable achievements in the field of systems biotechnology and metabolic engineering, where new medicines, chemicals, and biofuels that benefit mankind are developed through artificial control of metabolic circuits in microorganisms.
    Sang Yup Lee
  • Education Prize 2011

    Namhansan Elementary School
    Once slated for closure, this school has creatively overhauled its curriculum and achieved great success in specialization as a small school by focusing on a wide range of practical experiences. As a result, it serves as a model for 110 government-subsidized farming and fishing community schools.
    Namhansan Elementary School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2011

    Venerable Pomnyun
    Since 1993, he has devoted his life to child education, relief for the poor, and establishment of a foundation for self-sufficiency for the most backward areas such as Dungeshwari, a town in India, Mindanao, an island of the Philippines, and the backwoods of Cambodia.
    Venerable Pomnyun
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2011

    Alola Foundation in East Timor
    In impoverished newborn East Timor with a population of 1.1 million, this non-government organization has established a nationwide volunteer community to contribute to maternal and child health by rendering a variety of activities including assistance for childbirth, maternity care, and launch of breastfeeding promotion campaigns.
    Alola Foundation in East Timor
  • Science Prize 2010

    Jong-Il Park Professor of Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University
    Dr. Jongil Park, professor of Department of Mathematical Sciences at Seoul National University, is recognized as a world renowned mathematician for his remarkable achievements in the field of 4-dimensional manifolds. nsional manifolds.
    Jong-Il Park
  • Education Prize 2010

    Byung-Ho Chang Principal of Jaecheon Cheongam School
    Mr. Byung Ho Jang, principal of jaecheon Cheongam School conducts individual education according to a student's aptitude, innovative special education that embraces from kindergarten to vocational education, and employment program, and also introduced the latest facilities for disabled students to further advance special education.
    Byung-Ho Chang
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2010

    Global Village Love-Sharing
    Hae-Sung Kim
  • Science Prize 2009

    Hong-Gil Nam Professor, Department of Life Science, POSTECH
    Dr. Hong-Gil Nam, professor of Life Science at POSTECH is a world renowned scientist in the field of plant biology, for his achievements in revering the mechanism of plaint development and growth regulation.
    Hong-Gil Nam
  • Education Prize 2009

    Sunrin Internet high school and Former Principal Kwang-Ho Cheon Jointly awarded
    Sunrin Internet High School has pioneered the way forward for vocational high schools through its specialized curriculum and has established social trust in public schools.
    Sunrin Internet high school and Former Principal Kwang-Ho Cheon
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2009

    Abdul Sattar Edhi Founder, Edhi Foundation, Pakistan
    Abdul Sattar Edhi, who was born in Gujarat, India moved to Karachi in 1947 with the independence of Pakistan and started social welfare business since then. At first, he established a public medical facility to provide medical services to the poor, then bought ambulances and named them 'Vans for the poor'.
  • Science Prize 2008

    Taeg-Hwan HyeonProfessor of the Chemical & Biological Engineering, Seoul National University
    Despite his young age (early 40s), Professor Taeg-Hwan Hyeon has earned worldwide recognition as a renowned specialist in nanotechnology due to his continuous efforts.
    Taeg-Hwan Hyeon
  • Education Prize 2008

    Hee-Kyu Yang
    Principal Hee-Kyu Yang og the Geumsan Gandhi School is an educational activist who has established a net horizon for Korean’s alternative education.
    Hee-Kyu Yang
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2008

    Buddhist Priest DobubRepresentative oh the Indramang Life Community
    Dobub, a Buddhist Priest of the Silsangsa Temple in Mt. Jirisan, has attracted attention more for his regional community activities and his practical comments concerning new visions for recovery of the agricultural community than for his religion.
    Buddhist Priest Dobub
  • Science Prize 2007

    Ji-Soon lhm Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University
    Professor Ji-Soon Ihm made amazing scientific achievements during his nearly three decades of research in the field of electronic structure computation for solid state physics. His unique studies on carbon nanotubes and hydrogen storage nanocaterials.
    Ji-Soon lhm
  • Education Prize 2007

    Nonsan Daegeon High School
    A liberal arts high school located in Nonsan City, a mid to small size city with both urban and agricultural features. Noncan Daegeon High School has developed an innovative model for public education through its harmonized educational services that focus on both 'humanity' and `ability'.
    Nonsan Daegeon High School
  • Community Development and Philanthropy Prize 2007

    Wardah HafidzIndonesia
    The leader of Indonesia Urban Poor Consortium, Ms. Wardah Hafidz is called the 'Mother of the Poor'. She is a well-recognized leader of public opinion who has chosen a rough road for herself in order to alleviate the suffering of the urban poor.
    Wardah Hafidz