POSCO Science Fellowship

Fostering ‘Talent in science and technology’ that will lead the future growth engine of Korea

POSCO Science Fellowship began in 2009, following the desire of Tae-Joon Park, who emphasized that ‘in order for country that lacks natural resources like Korea to become an advanced country, we need to concentrate on fostering talent in science.’

Grants given to young and talented post-doc, and young professors in 4 areas of basic science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science)      and 3 areas of applied science (steel, new material, energy material) in universities and laboratories in Korea. For those who qualify foundation suports 70 million ~ 100 million KRW for maximum of 2 years.

It became particularly helpful for new post-doc and young scientists that just became assistant professors who are with insufficient outside support and lack in initiating independent research or experiment. So this fellowship became the ‘rookie award in science’ for young scientists. POSCO TJ Park Foundation will continue to encourage and support POSCO Science Fellows, so they can become leaders in science and become Nobel Prize winners in the future.


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